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  • Artificial Intelligence

    In the book, Hawking explains how Einstein changed the way we view the universe by introducing time as the fourth dimension to the traditional three dimensional setting of the…

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  • User Interface Design

    A rich tapestry of plots and characters to trace several decades of events from the perspective of the anonymous narrator of the book. It follows the life of the…

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  • Leading Digital

    This book, Leading Digital, was written in 2010 by a British historian A. L. Basham about how digital technology influence the world.

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  • Where ‘ll Man Take Us

    An insightful narration on how the world’s largest democracy, India, was forged, India Since Independence is the sequel to India’s Struggle for Independence and was first published in 2008.

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  • Digital Minimalism

    This is a story of seven generations of the Buendia family and a city named Macondo, founded by the patriarch of the family, José Arcadio Buendía.

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