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  • Artificial Intelligence

    In the book, Hawking explains how Einstein changed the way we view the universe by introducing time as the fourth dimension to the traditional three dimensional setting of the…

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  • User Interface Design

    A rich tapestry of plots and characters to trace several decades of events from the perspective of the anonymous narrator of the book. It follows the life of the…

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  • Where ‘ll Man Take Us

    An insightful narration on how the world’s largest democracy, India, was forged, India Since Independence is the sequel to India’s Struggle for Independence and was first published in 2008.

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  • Advanced Digital Principles

    Road trip books are always interesting. They contain interesting encounters, adventures and misadventures of the protagonists on their travels.

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  • Automation Technology

    The Big Hoom and their two children live in a small apartment in Mahim, Mumbai. The mother, Em, has managed to make her family a slave to her state…

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  • Human + Machine

    Human + Machine based on Sartre’s existential notion of freedom. Existentialism is a branch in philosophy which is concerned with an individual’s existence.

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  • Granular Computing

    Moriarty is a free-spirited man, full of a sense of adventure. He becomes a catalyst for Sal’s own change into a wanderer who learns to live life to the…

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